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Date:26July 2022


Location:Cape Town

The Migration Governance Lab (MGL) at Wits University’s African Center for Migration and Society is analysing the migration and asylum rights sector in South and Southern Africa. Since February 2022, MGL has worked with Frame45 to conduct interviews and analyse global and regional trends with the aim of identifying challenges and opportunities for the migrant rights sector. This includes asylum and refugee issues along with broader concerns related to international migration in the region: access to services, employment, and documentation along with detention, harassment, violence and discrimination. The mapping aims to generate insights and strategic advice to the foundation and its civil society partners, including migrant-led organisations and migrant leaders.

Having completed our data collection and preliminary analysis, we are now looking for your assistance to take the next step. For us to move forward, we must develop a shared and accurate understanding of the work we do and the people and institutions we engage. This means not only validating or modifying our results, but moving forward to concrete recommendations and strategies. To those ends, the one-day workshop on 26 July will include:

  1. A presentation and discussion of our collective ecosystem which identifies actors positively and negatively affecting migrant risks and vulnerabilities. Together we will consider the actors and institutions most responsible for heightening risk and precarity and those able to influence the policies and practices of those organisations. In doing so, we seek to identify the logics, incentives, and trajectories of the various actors and their potential for becoming effective allies in a migrant-centred mobilisation campaign;
  2. A reflection on current and past mobilisation strategies and possibilities. This means critically reviewing our efforts to promote migrant rights and considering the potential effectiveness of current and future strategies at multiple scales by migrant-run and migrant-allied organisations.

Following the workshop, MGL will produce a set of strategies principles and guidelines (including opportunities and risks) based on interviews conducted and the workshop results.

We look forward to hearing from you and your contribution to this important strategic study for the migrant sector in South Africa.

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